Immediately after the accident, I would suggest you call the police. They will respond, they will obtain most of the information that you need. In the event that the police don’t respond or that the police are not called, at the bare minimum you want to get the name and address, phone number of the other driver. You want to obtain the names and addresses and phone numbers of any other passengers. Likewise, names and addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident. Next, you want to get the other driver’s or the owner of the other vehicle’s insurance information, the name of the company, the phone number for the company, you want to be able to contact that company. You’re also going to want to give your insurance information to the other driver, your contact information to the driver. It’s called an exchange of information and that’s all you’re doing. There’s no fault in it. There’s no harm in it. You’re just complying with the law.

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